The Best Online Poker Players in the World

Two men playing poker in casino

Fans of online casino poker often wish to bask in the virtual spotlight of their favorite players. As online poker made its mark on the industry, people realized that you don’t need to be a “Las Vegas regular” to qualify for a high-profile tournament. With that being said, there are a few people that have made names known in the online industry – here are the best of them.

Phil Ivey – “The Tiger Woods of Poker”

Considered by many to be the best online poker player in the world, Phil Ivey managed to net nearly $20 million over the course of four years! Mr. Ivey is a professional gambler through and through, and in addition to being the best player in the online room “Full Tilt,” he is a regular participant and winner in a variety of land-based tournaments. The winnings mentioned above are only from one online room – Mr. Ivey’s total gains are much more than that.

Patrik Antonius – “The Black Lotus”

According to a “Full Tilt Poker” statistic, this Finnish tennis coach-turned poker pro player managed to net up to $11 million in online wins in a mere five years. Antonius is considered to be an exceptional “heads up” poker specialist, which means that his strongest abilities are revealed when he plays one vs. one. With that being said, Antonius played a historical online “Omaha” match against another famous player (Viktor Blom), where a historical pot was recorded of nearly $1.5 million, which “the Black Lotus” won.

Viktor Blom – “Isildur1”

A former member of the Poker Stars Team Pro and a current member of the “three pros” of Full Tilt Poker, Mr. Blom’s career has taken incredibly dynamic turns that have made both industry professionals, and fans invigorated. While his total winnings come close to $2 million, it was his ability to persevere and come on top of difficult situations that made him into a promising young star. Renowned for his “aggressive style” of playing, Blom had experienced both failure and success; however, he is still playing high stakes Hold’em, while being one of the most popular players out there.

Dan Cates – “Jungleman12”

Only 30 years old, Dan Cates managed to net more than $10 million of winnings by playing online poker in Full Tilt. Considered to be a “highly aggressive” player, his rapid stakes force competitors in disarray, which makes them either fall into a trap or fold. What is interesting about Dan Cates, is that he made most of his winnings by playing high stakes games, while staying away from tournaments.

Phil Galfond – “OMGClayAken”

Winning two World Series of Poker bracelets and prevailing in numerous tournaments, Phil Galfond’s total winnings near around the $7 million mark. While he favors the cash game scene, he is also a frequent participant in the WSOP events. Although not so active today as a player, Galfond, along with a number of other professional players have launched an online training poker site that helps beginners get into the game and easily “learn the ropes.”

How to Start Playing Online Poker?

Everyone Can Become One of Those Pro’s

There is a very clear distinction between online and live poker. Players that prefer the virtual tables have learned to notice completely different signs than those on a real one. The truth is that everyone can become a decent player if they set their mind to it. If you can take anything from the career descriptions listed above, is that perseverance can make all the difference in the world of online poker. One of the best things about it is that with so many free apps out there, you won’t have to spend a dime for training!