How to Start Playing Online Poker?

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New people are drawn to the “Poker crowd” every day, but only a handful of them decide to put in a real effort in order to become truly good at the game. Although Texas Hold’em is considered to be the most popular form of poker, there are many other variations of the game that are played in both online casinos and land-based gambling events. Before starting their journey on the “road to poker glory,” people will need to be aware of a few facts that will prove invaluable in the long run.

The Formation of Hands in Different Poker Variants

Although there are many variations of poker, many people who don’t play are aware of how different hands are called (for example, Full House, Straight, Flush, etc.). Granted, depending on the poker version, a specific hand may be low or high strength; in any case, they will all be named the same way. The only exception players would find is with the hand called “five of a kind,” where a Joker is introduced to the game as a “wild card.” In reality, a Joker is rarely introduced in serious poker cash games, regardless of their type.

The Different Games You Might Like

After Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is considered to be the most popular form of poker. Similar to Texas, PLO operates on the same “card flop and river” mechanic, with the notable difference that players are dealt four cards, not two. In addition to providing players with a better chance of making a good hand, PLO’s bet penalties for “sitting out” a game round, is considered to be much more forgiving than its Texas counterpart.

Although Hold’em might be considered as the most popular form of poker, the one version that everyone tends to learn how to play first, is none other than Five Card Draw. Featured in almost every “Spaghetti Western” movie, this is the simplest form of the game. A dealer would distribute five cards to each player before the beginning of the first betting phase. After conclusion, players can choose to discard up to three cards from their hand. Once they do, the second and final betting stage must be resolved. The player with the best hand left standing, wins.

Other popular variants include names such as Pai Gow, 7 Card Stud, Horse, and many others. A very important thing to mention is that there are many variants of the game, poker is usually separated into two distinct types – draw, and stud. In all variations of “draw”, a player will be dealt a complete hand, which can be improved with either the replacement of dealt cards. Stud variants deal a hand that’s not only a combination of face up and face down cards but are also completed throughout the following betting rounds.

Training Is Essential to Becoming Good

No matter which type or variant of poker you might be interested in, training is essential. Today, there are many free websites and applications that allow free play on every imaginable poker title, which allows people to get the training in need. On the other hand, experts advise that training should be done with real money, even if playing for the lowest stakes possible. This way, a beginner would get a real sense of both winning and losing and are bound to be more alert and assertive when it comes down to playing for high stakes.

The Best Online Casino Sites to Play Poker

Meant to Be Played with People

Although both land-based and online casinos are the ones that facilitate the majority of poker games, the players compete amongst themselves, rather than against the casino. Of course, there are online casino versions such as “Caribbean Stud”, but in the end, it is still much more entertaining to test your abilities versus a real opponent.